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Style: Hatha Yoga
Ability level: All abilities


4:58 p.m. Monday 04 Jun 2018 (UTC) - 4:58 p.m. Sunday 10 Jun 2018


Harford Close, Chingford, London, England, E4 7NH, United Kingdom

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Andrea Teja - Infin8space -

I have been focused on the self-transformational practice of yoga and meditation for over 20 years, motivated not so much for the benefits of getting into shape, but more for discovering how to be with myself. I had open-heart surgery at age Two and I developed food intolerance and allergies in my Twenties and for me learning how to be present in my body was my greatest challenge but this was also my main motivator to stay firm in my yoga practise.

My interest led me into many traditions of Yoga from around the world, from the Bihar School of Yoga, Tantra, Kundalini, Iyengar, Bikram and Astanga. More recently teaching BoxingYoga has helped me encompass a more physically demanding, a more alignment-based one that is informed by the subtler callings within my body.

From all of the study, exploration and life experience I’ve done my teaching these days is less directly connected to one single tradition, and is more informed by being present in class with what is happening for the individuals in the moment. Mostly, however, to me, yoga, is an intimate practice with one’s self. There isn’t just one way; the only truth we can find comes from within our self. I’ve experienced grief, loss, love, abuse, suffering, joy, peace and every spectrum in between, which keeps me humble and approachable. After years of being immersed in yoga, it has taught me to choose simplicity, to remain a beginner, to always be teachable and enjoy this mysterious ride.

The yoga classes I teach are largely informed by my training as a Body worker, Reiki Master and in Somatic counselling as well as other energetic modalities, that includes some shamanic training. My studies, yoga practice and motherhood have all shaped my present work and being highly intuitive has enabled me to develop my own style of teaching. In 2006 combining all that I had learned through various traditions I created a concept called Nature’s Rhythm Yoga.

In my free time I love to dance, long walks in nature, writing, and other exercise modalities like climbing. In addition to teaching yoga, I offers somatic counselling sessions that include my skills for body dialogue and breath work.

“My aim is to work with others in a way that is most helpful for them, assisting others towards making conscious choices and further understand life’s rhythms and their true nature. True health and wellbeing is about understanding your conscious and unconscious thoughts and how these affect your attitude towards healthy living.The choices we make today, will mark our future. I am passionate about sharing what I know through my various studies around wellness; I like helping people feel better, and to do what it takes to reach their goals. I’ll share great ways that will be helpful for your empowerment and purpose"

Website: http://infin8space.com/
Qualifications: BWY (Accredited Diplomas), BWY (Diploma Holder - Qualified Teachers), BWY (Recognised Teaching Certificate)
Phone: 07980567408
Private teaching available

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