About Us

We are a small team which includes a yoga teacher who has been teaching various styles of yoga for over 10 years to people of all abilities, as well as a dedicated technical team who are yoga devotees, and responsible for creating and developing the site.

Why create www.yoganearby.com? We were finding it hard to easily locate a yoga class nearby to where we lived, there did not seem to be a site that easily allowed us to find yoga classes nearby. The same applied to yoga workshops, or holidays near to locations all over the world, where we wished to practice yoga.

Our goal is to bring yoga to everyone, anywhere in the world, in an easy and convenient way. We encourage people to take up or continue with yoga, by allowing people to easily find all things yoga, be it a class, workshop or holiday. Allowing you to quickly view all yoga classes or workshops nearby to you, or plan a yoga holiday to an exotic part of the world.

Our 3 main aims are:

  • Enable our users to find a yoga class, workshop or holiday quickly and easily.
  • Allow teachers from all over the world to join us and to be part of this site.
  • Encourage our users to be involved in the development of this site, by communicating with us.

We believe we can enable more people to take up yoga, by using an approach that brings together all yoga teachers, events & classes into one place. By integrating interactive maps we aim to highlight yoga locations all around the world, allowing for a unique way to view yoga locations nearby. Hopefully this will encourage more people to go along and begin practicing yoga.

We welcome any comments and suggestions or features that you would like to see on the site.

The www.yoganearby.com team
finding yoga, nearby.